Wednesday, February 3, 2016

If I have to wash it, it's submersible.

Jon doesn't have a lot of time lately to keep this blog updated, so I'll be contributing my thoughts for a little while.

If nothing else, to make a memory of this time in our lives together when we're getting ready to hit retirement AND... The Road!

We're still about a year or so away but I want to start journaling our progress and all the silly little things that occur because major life events should be recorded in some way.  So later on, when our gray matter is shrinking, we can look back and remember when.

Anyway... I know this downsizing is going to be huge... LIFE CHANGING event.  I know we're going to have to let go of a LOT of stuff...   And I have some attachments to certain of my stuff... YARN mostly and that is going to be really hard because right now my yarn stash takes up the better part of a room of our house... But I can do this!  I recently became aware of vacuum pack bags and  I plan to put them to good use,

So I'm going to write my thoughts here now and then --- while enjoying a glass of wine --- just to memorialize my part of this adventure.

Feel free to join me occasionally with your advice, your experience, and a toast... To the next big adventure!

One last thing... New rule in my kitchen!  If I have to wash it, it IS submersible.

Cheers! - Felicia

This is Kiki... He's the BOSS!

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