Monday, March 23, 2015

Rollin-On with some yummy eats!

I don't usually post pics of my dinner creations but this one turned out amazing. So easy too! Portobello Mushroom, Olive Oil, Spinach, and Mozzarella. 20 minutes at 360. I used the broil setting for the last 3 minutes to brown the cheese.  

We saw this recipe on Rollin-On TV, an RV related television show.  

I'm thinking next time I'll use some sausage or pepperoni and make some mini pizzas!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Work follows me home...

Sometimes work follows you home... today, my co-worker came in and asked if I could look at her microscope.  After ten years of constant use, it was finally starting to show a bit of wear and tear.  Well, I got it all apart and the rack was a bit messed up, and it was full of dirt and debris.  So after a great deal of cleaning, it went back together... a bit to clean, as the friction mechanism now was to loose, so I had to build a small friction tab to keep things cinched up.  It appears to be working, so we shall see once I get the rest of it back together.  All this and it only took three hours LOL...  Let us know your fun work experiences.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Getting sick of Sticks and Bricks

I need to apologize for not posting as often.  Recently, I walked into our laundry room and I felt a warm, wet feeling creeping into my socks.  I looked down, and what do I see?  Water running from under the washing machine.  I quickly did a situational assessment and determined that a drip was emanating from the valve and hose area within the wall.  I turned off the water valves and pulled the washer out to get a better look.  What I saw amazed me... The previous owners had installed a splitter valve like you would use in your yard to add a second hose.  These were installed on each of the hose bibs.  I looked at the damage to the wall and discovered that two of the walls would require replacement.  So the deconstruction began... from the sheet rock walls, to the sub floor.  Everything was removed.  I then began the fun and exciting task of installing new walls, taping, texturing, painting, installing new trim, shelves, etc.  And of course, the sheet vinyl need to be upgraded to tile... so, down goes the Hardy backer board, then installation of the new tile, grouting, sealing and finally the cove base.  I thought I was almost done, but wait, there's more.  I put the water heater back in and what happens?  The pilot light will not stay lit.  So I replace the thermocouple, thinking I am home free.  Nope... didn't work,  So I then went searching for a new gas valve.  Well folks, what I discovered was, when the valve goes out, the supply stores won't sell you a gas valve, in fact, they don't even stock them, because when the gas valve goes out, they figure that the water heater is old enough that the tank will soon fail, so you must buy a new water heater instead.  So, another $500.00 dollars, and we finally have hot water again.  I was able to get everything all finished and put back together yesterday.  Today I went back to work to get some rest.  I tell ya, I am getting closer and closer to being ready to get on the road as we are getting really sick of sticks and bricks...

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your nightmare stories regarding your sticks and bricks adventures, or troubles you have had on the road... it will probably make me feel better knowing we aren't the only ones ;-)