Sunday, November 9, 2014

Just Checking In

Hi all!  Sometimes life gets in the way of life.  We really are looking forward to the day that we can go full time and travel with the sun.  It has been in the high 30's at night and in the 50's during the day.  That is much to cold for my tastes.  Felicia is right there with me when it comes to the cold.  We tucked the 5er in to bed for the winter.  Blew out all the water lines and added the antifreeze.  turned the batteries off, etc.  Our good friends Steve and Soni had a great surprise for us.  I stopped into to see them as they were working in the yard and they said another friend had given them a solar panel, but they didn't have any use for it, so they wanted to give it to Felicia and I for our 5er.  We gladly accepted!  They are the best!!  I will hold off on mounting it until we get a few more, then mount them all at once.  Until then, we will just set them out on the ground when we are traveling.  I will try to post more often... sorry about that.  The picture below is a tribute to all of our veterans and those still serving.  THANK YOU!

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